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11. Summary in English

The publication gives an overview of the aspects that surround work placements abroad for trainees in the social and health care sector. The major purposes are to inspire newcomers in the field to initiate international activities of this kind, and to provide more experienced colleges with tools to plan and carry out work placements abroad for their students.

The publication is based on the experiences from a project undertaken by a social and health care college in Denmark, where 11 social and health care assistant trainees were on a work placement of 2-3 weeks' duration in either Scotland or Sweden as an integrated part of their Danish training programme. Please refer to annex 7 (bilag 7) for a more comprehensive summary of the project results.

The experiences of the college in terms of process and structure of the work related to the planning and carrying out of the project resulted in the following recommendations to others who wish to undertake similar activities:

1. Make sure that the management supports the project and that financial resources and manpower are earmarked to the activities. Involve the relevant actors in the field at an early stage.

2. It is a long process of motivating and clarifying the students to go for the challenge and the practical planning is time-consuming. Trainees with international experience should be used to motivate future trainees.

3. Make sure that the training provided during the work placement abroad is compatible with the overall national training elements.

4. Put emphasis on the linguistic and cultural preparation, and integrate it into the normal curriculum.

5. Cooperate with other colleges in the search for placements abroad. Use existing experiences to make applications for financial funding, projects etc.

6. Participate in international conferences and use the contacts to expand the scope of the international activities at the college. Work strategically in terms of geographical location of the placements to create a fixed offer for the trainees. It is very time-consuming to honour every student’s wish.

7. Enter into clear and unambiguous agreements with the foreign partner re. the purpose of the stay and tasks to be performed. Be aware of the fact that others may not draw the same meaning from a text as you do. Be patient and flexible towards the trainees, the partners and any other interested party.

8. Be exact in terms of financial control. Take your time to report the activities and make sure that all documentation is available from the start.

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